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Distribution and payment of royalties

How are the royalties distributed?

  1. The reports are imported into the EAÜ’s royalty distribution system, where the works used are matched against the works registered in the database.
  2. In distribution of the royalties, the number of times a particular work has been used and the duration of that work is taken into account.
  3. The royalties collected are distributed among the authors according to the distribution percentages of the registered work.
  4. If the work has not been registered at the time of distribution, the publishing contract has not reached the EAÜ, and the EAÜ specialist has not been able to identify the authors of the work,i it will be considered a so-called unknown work that is not included in the royalty distribution. For such works, the EAÜ does not retroactively redistribute royalties.

How are royalties paid?

  • Royalties are paid to the author monthly if the net amount accrued for the use of his/her work is at least 50 euros and quarterly if the net amount accrued is at least 30 euros. i
  • The EAÜ withholds income tax on royalties received in Estonia (except for legal entities and self-employed persons). The author shall declare the amount received from abroad to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board and, if necessary, pay income tax on the amount.
EAÜ rules for the registration of works and the distribution and payment of fees