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Permits for audiovisual works

The EAÜ, in cooperation with the Estonian Association of Audiovisual Authors (EAAL), exercises the proprietary rights of directors, screenwriters and authors of dialogue, as well as of cinematographers and artists in the following areas.

Rights category Methods of use and examples
Reproduction Reproduction of audiovisual works (rights owned by the producer)
Distribution of works Rental and lending of audiovisual works on a subscription and rental basis, such as on a streaming platform.
Transmission and retransmission (Re)transmission via television, radio, cable, and other technical means
Making available to the public, including via the internet Watching the works on demand online or via a streaming platform

Works subject to royalties

  • Feature films
  • Documentaries
  • Animated films
  • Reality and nonfiction films
  • Film series and TV dramas
  • Documentary series 

Find out more about television and cable retransmission tariffs in the following files.

TV tariffs
Cable retransmission tariffs


More information about the cooperation between EAÜ and EAAL can be found on the EAAL website at www.eaal.ee.

Contact person for the EAÜ 

Märt Truman

Project Manager (use of audiovisual works)