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Recording of a composition (strand 3)

The objective of this strand is to support the creation of musical works, both as audio and video recordings, which have a specific release and distribution plan.

What to keep in mind when applying for support under strand 3?

Musical works shall be new or new versions of existing works, and can be either studio productions or recordings of concert performances.
  • Production of demo versions or recordings for private or educational purposes are not supported.
  • The copyright of the new version, and all the rights and the distribution of those rights have been clearly agreed between the parties: recorded in a reproducible form and registered with the respective collective representation societies.
  • At least half of the Estonian authors shall be members of the EAÜ.
  • Eligible expenditures are those related to the recording. The remuneration of the producer and other participants for their work or services is eligible provided that they do not acquire any copyright or rights of the phonogram producer for the musical work to be created, otherwise the producer and other participants shall be considered part of the project team and their remuneration is presumed to be part of the own contribution. This restriction does not apply to performers or members of the video production team. Costs for studio rental, sound recording and post-production services, and other well justified expenditures are also eligible. Travel and/or accommodation expenses of the participant in the recording process are eligible if the recording does not take place in the participant’s home city (or country). In addition, licensing costs related to the use of works of co-authors as well as borrowed works (for example, the use of an existing text in a musical composition and the payment of a royalty) are eligible.
  • Applicants may also send us additional documents (CV, biography, additional information of the project) if they add value.
  • All documents shall be sent in a single DigiDoc container by e-mail to toetus@eau.org.
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