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Participation in residencies or co-creation camps (strand 2b)

The objective of this strand is to support the creation of new musical works through various (co-)creative initiatives, such as residencies and co-creation camps.
What to keep in mind when applying for support under strand 2b?
  • At least half of the participants shall be Estonian authors and members of the EAÜ.
  • In the case of an international initiative with a justifiably small number of participants from Estonia, the committee will treat it as a special case and, as a rule, the use of the grant will be limited to the Estonian participants.
  • Only members of the EAÜ can apply.
  • Eligible costs include travel and accommodation expenses and participation fees.
  • The applicant may also send us additional documents (CV, biography, additional information on the event) if they add value.
  • All documents shall be sent in a single DigiDoc container by e-mail to toetus@eau.org.
Application form for participation in residencies and creative camps