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Permits for works of visual art

EAU represents authors of visual art works (including works of painting, graphics and sculpture).

Rights are represented in the following categories.

Rights category Method of use Examples
Transmission and retransmission (Re)transmission via television and cable,

satellite and other technical means
Showing works of art in TV programmes
Reproduction The making of one or more copies of a work of art or part thereof in any material form Use of the works of art in newspapers, leaflets, and other publications, including on souvenirs.
Making available to the public Use of works of art in a manner which allows people to view them on demand, including via the internet Watching TV programmes exhibiting works of art on demand

Resale Resale of an original work at public auction Resale of works of art at auction or through an art gallery

Fees collected for authors of visual arts are distributed on the following basis:

  • fees received for reproduction – according to use in printed matter and other products (books, textbooks, magazines, newspapers, calendars, posters, stamps, etc.);
  • fees received for the resale of works of art at an auction or through an art gallery – according to the auction organizer’s or art gallery’s report on the works sold;
  • fees received from the television organization – according to the accurate report provided by the television organization;
  • fees received from cable operators -reports provided by the television organization using analog method.

More detailed information regarding fee distribution can be found in EAÜ’s rules for the registration of works and the distribution and payment of fees.

Terms of use of art works
Tariffs for reproduction of art works
EAÜ's rules for the registration of works and the distribution and payment of fees

Foreign societies visual art societies that have a mutual representation agreement concluded with EAÜ can be found on the EAÜ website.

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Viive Lillemäe

Project manager (private copy fee collection manager, use of art works)