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Online use of musical works

In the case of online use of musical works, the Estonian Authors’ Society grants the service provider the right to reproduce the musical works and make them available to the public in such a way that enables the contractual partner to provide an online service.

As regards the streaming, download or other similar type of online services, it is paramount if these services are local or multi-territorial.

If the service is for the Estonian territory only, the agreement partner for the service provider is Estonian Authors’ Society.

If the online service is multi territorial, i.e. it can be used by people living in Estonia as well as in other countries, the Estonian Authors’ Society has mandated the right to conclude contracts and collect royalties for the authors to its international cooperation partner MINT / SUISA Digital.

In both cases, when obtaining a license for the online service, you should contact Marek Tihhonov, a specialist of online use and recording of musical works.

EAÜ consultant

Marek Tihhonov

Distribution and Documentation department, Online use and recording of musical works