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Transmission and retransmission

Thousands of copyright works are broadcasted daily via radio and television, cable, satellite, and other technical means. All radio and television broadcasters, cable operators, and other communication undertakings that transmit or retransmit programmes (including films) shall enter into a licence agreement with the EAÜ for the transmission or retransmission of the musical works contained therein.

If you want to broadcast music on internet radio, you also need to seek permission from the EAÜ and enter into a licence agreement with the society.

Find out more about radio, television and cable retransmission tariffs in the following files.

Private radio tariffs
Private TV tariffs
Cable retransmission tariffs

Contact an EAÜ consultant to enter into an agreement or get answers to your questions.

EAÜ consultant

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Consultant (general information, radio, TV, cable TV)