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How to use the grant, amendments to the project, and submitting a report

The decisions of the evaluation committee will be published on the EAÜ’s website and our social media channels.

The recipients of a favourable decision will be sent an agreement by e-mail, which shall be returned bearing a digital signature if the terms and conditions are acceptable.

If, within two months as from the date when the grant agreement was sent, the signed agreement has not been returned to the EAÜ, the grant decision will be deemed to have been rejected and the grant awarded will be transferred to the next round of the programme.

The allocated support is paid in two instalments:

70% of the grant within ten working days of the grant agreement being signed;

30% of the grant after the report has been reviewed and approved by the EAÜ.

Execution of the grant agreement and amendments

What to consider when performing the agreement and making amendments?

  • The beneficiary is obliged to comply with the conditions agreed in the grant agreement.
  • When presenting the project and in the project materials, the beneficiary is obliged to mention that, among other things, his/her activities have been supported by the EAÜ.
  • If any changes are made to the implementation of the project, the EAÜ shall be informed as soon as possible.
  • If the amendments are substantial (changes to the scope, schedule, or nature of the results), a declaration shall be submitted.
  • The possibility that the committee will not approve the amendment should be taken into account. It is therefore advisable to wait for the committee’s reply before proceeding with any expenditure not covered by the original project agreement.

Submission of the report

A project report shall be submitted within one month of the end of the project period, but no later than one month after the end of the period of use of the grant as specified in the agreement.

The report contains two types of summaries: a substantive report and a financial report.

Substantive reportFinancial report (entire scope of the grant received from the EAÜ)
1) a summary of the activities carried out1) invoices submitted
2) analysis of the results and impact achieved (including failures, problems, and solutions)2) agreements (where payment has been made under an agreement)
3) evidence of the project's implementation (links to the recording, links to websites and reviews, pictures are recommended)3) information on payment transactions

What else do I need to know about reporting?

  • The EAÜ will review the report within 30 days of receipt, acknowledge receipt of the report, and notify of any shortcomings noted.
  • After the report has been approved, the EAÜ will transfer the second part (30% of the grant) to the beneficiary’s bank account within 10 working days.
  • The beneficiary shall return any improperly used grant funds (or unused balance) to the EAÜ within 30 working days of receipt of the written recovery notification from the EAÜ.
  • If the beneficiary fails to return the grant on time, the EAÜ has the right to charge interest of 7% per annum for each calendar day the repayment was delayed.
  • If the beneficiary fails to submit a report on time, the EAÜ has the right to unilaterally terminate the agreement extraordinarily and demand the reimbursement of the grant funds already paid.
  • A person who is in debt according to the report will not be eligible to apply for funding in subsequent rounds if the reporting debt still exists when the deadline for the next application round arrives.
Report form, strand 1
Report form, strand 2a
Report form, strand 2b
Report form, strand 3