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Distribution of royalties for a musical work

The EAÜ applies two methods of distribution for royalties: automatic royalty distribution and a specific percentage. The automatic distribution of royalties is based on the table below. In the case of a specific percentage, the percentage of each author’s contribution to the work shall be entered when registering the work.

The total royalty share (in percentages) of all authors of a work shall be 100% and the publisher’s share shall not exceed 33.33%. The publisher is entitled to participate in the distribution of royalties by the EAÜ if the author, or his/her heir, and the publisher have entered into a relevant agreement.

1. Automatic distribution key

OptionMusic (C)Lyrics (A)translation or new lyrics (SA)arrangement (AR)Publisher (E)Condition
25033,33*16,67--*Approval of the author of lyrics required
333,3350-*16,67-*Approval of the author of music required
433,3333,33*16,67*16,67-*Approvals of both the authors of lyrics and music required
533,3350--16,67music has been published
65033,33--16,67lyrics have been published
733,3433,33--33,33both music and lyrics have been published