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The commissioning of a new composition (strand 1)

The aim of this strand is to support commissions for new compositions with a definite and specific performance and/or recording and distribution plan.

What to keep in mind when applying for support under strand 1?

  • The commissioner shall be either a concert promoter (such as a festival promoter), a musical collective or a performer who is not the author. It is not a creative grant, so self-commissioning is not supported in the context of this programme.
  • Costs can be based on either an authorisation agreement and an invoice, with VAT being an eligible cost, only if the beneficiary is not a VAT payer.
  • The commission for a composition submitted in the project application shall be addressed to one or more authors, all of whom shall be members of the EAÜ.
  • Applicants may also send us additional documents (CV, biography, additional information of the project) if they add value.
  • A digitally signed letter of acknowledgement from the authors shall also be submitted to the EAÜ.
  • All documents shall be sent in a single DigiDoc container by e-mail to toetus@eau.org.
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