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Use of a musical composition in an audiovisual work

To use a musical work in an audiovisual work (AV work), you must first obtain permission to synchronise the musical work with the video image for the first time and agree on the distribution region within which the AV work can be shown.

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The EAÜ grants synchronisation licences and collects fees for this. However, in certain cases (mainly for foreign musical works), the EAÜ is not authorised to grant such permission, so the interested party shall apply directly to the right holder (such as a publisher) for synchronisation authorisation. In such cases, the EAÜ can help you find the contact details of the persons you need.

To obtain a synchronisation authorisation, an application shall be submitted to the EAÜ. On the basis of the information recorded therein, the EAÜ will issue an invoice, upon payment of which the use of the AV work containing the musical work will be allowed to the agreed extent. Therefore, the paid invoice proves that a permit has been obtained and the EAÜ does not issue a separate document to this effect.

I would like to use a musical work in an AV work

With the following form, you can start the process of using a musical work in AV works.

If you wish, you can also use an Excel form to submit a request, which you can download HERE.

Send the completed application to Marek Tihhonov (marek@eau.org), a specialist in the Department of Recording and Digital Use.

Sync fees for the use of musical works in audiovisual production
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Contact person for the recording and digital use department of the EAÜ

Marek Tihhonov

Distribution and Documentation department, Online use and recording of musical works