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Fees for the use of musical works in audiovisual works

Television broadcasts (for airing on one Estonian television channel)
Live-On-Tape (a studio recording produced in real-time, typically with audience participation, for airing on one Estonian television channel)

Unlimited number of repetitions and unrestricted accessibility to the public
Up to two reruns allowed within one week from the initial broadcast0,05
Live broadcast
Television show theme music30 EUR per episode
Feature film1,32
Documentary film0,66
Short film (up to 60 minutes)0,66
Music documentary film0,19
Educational program (programs produced for schools and other nonprofit organizations)0,19
Corporate program (a general presentation or educational program produced for internal use, which does not promote a specific product or service)0,82
Other audiovisual production0,41
Other audiovisual production
Cultural notice
(for publication on ERR channels)
20 EUR
per clip

Second-based fees are not collected for the use of music works, specifically for music works written for audiovisual works and for the use of music works in advertising – in such cases, the music work’s author has the right to enter into a direct contract. The fees listed in the table cover usage only within the territory of Estonia. For each additional country, 15% is added to the initial fee (multiply by 1.15), for inclusion in the European territory, 100% is added (X2), for the USA and Canada territory, 100% is added (X2), and for worldwide usage, 200% is added (X3, covering all the aforementioned distribution areas).