Projects supported by EAÜ in the first round of 2024

The results of the first support round of EAÜ have been determined, and we are pleased to announce that a total of 70,000 euros were allocated in support to 63 applicants.

During the support round, EAÜ evaluated 86 applications, which covered various areas including commissioning new musical compositions, creating new musical works in various collaborative initiatives, and producing and recording music in both audio and video formats.

You can find the complete list of supported projects HERE.

The applications were reviewed by a 5-member commission, consisting of Liina Saar, Liisa Hirsch, Bert Prikenfeld, Jaan-Eik Tulve, and Marko Mägi.

The commission’s work was overseen by Jaan Jaago, a non-voting member of the board.

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