EAÜ seminar in Räpina

On Wednesday, May 3, from 13:00 to 15:00, a seminar will be held at Sillapää Castle in Räpina, where the use of music at various events and places and its licensing will be discussed.

Seminar agenda:

  • Overview of the Estonian Authors’ Society
  • License agreements of local government units and sub-institutions
  • Company License Agreements
  • Distinguishing between different events
  • Questions, answers

The seminar is being conducted by Marika Plooman, an employee of EAÜ.

Anyone who comes into contact with the use of music in their daily work and wants to know more about licensing the use of music is invited to participate.

Register for the training here.

Sillapää Castle is located at Pargi 28, Räpina.

NB! The seminar will be photographed and the photos will be used on EAÜ’s website and social media.