Information and materials of the Estonian Authors’ Society general meeting

The board of the Estonian Authors’ Society announces that the EAU’s general meeting will be held on Monday, May 8, 2023 at 15:00 in the Stalker hall of Kultuurikatel (Põhja pst 27a, Tallinn).
All EAU members are invited to participate.

Please bring an identity document (ID card, passport) to the meeting.


1. Approval of the agenda and rules of procedure of the general meeting;
2. Overview of the board’s activities and CEO’s speech;
3. Presentation of the 2022 annual financial report and budget execution;
4. Confirming the number of members of the new board and audit committee;
5. Election of a new board;
6. Election of a new audit committee;
7. Approval of the audit committee’s report;
8. Approval of the 2022 annual financial report and transparency report;
9. Presentation and approval of the 2023 budget;
10. Approval of the auditor;
11. Confirmation of the amount of commision from royalties collected and paid out through EAU;
12. Amendment of EAU statutes;
13. Transfer of heirs who are members of EAÜ from membership status to customer status;
14. Dispossesion of Pärnu holiday home;
15. Discussion: whether to create a possibility of distinction for those who wish to exercise the right of synchronization or first call to a greater extent themselves;
16. Other topics.

EAU member can also vote for one absent member at the general meeting on the basis of the relevant power of attorney. If an EAU member is not able to participate in the general meeting in person, he/she can give a simple written authorization to participate and vote in the general meeting to his representative, who can be another EAU member. Since each EAU member can only vote for one absent member, we ask you to agree on your representation with some EAU member in good time and give him/her the corresponding power of attorney. The appropriate form can be downloaded, for example, HERE.

Persons who have received a power of attorney from another EAU member to act as a representative at the general meeting, please forward said power of attorney to the EAU e-mail address

All members can read the materials on the agenda of the general meeting on the EAU website HERE.

NB! The event will be photographed and the photos will be used on EAU’s website and social media.

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