Estonian Authors’ Society new board and revision committee have been elected

General meeting of the Estonian Authors` Society (EAÜ) was held in Kultuurikatla on 8th of May, where a new board and audit committee were elected for the next three years.

Virgo Sillamaa, Karl-Ander Reismann and Jaan Jaago continue in the board, and Kristjan Randalu, Sten Šeripov, Evert Sundja and Sandra Perens, representative of the publisher Tier Music Publishing OÜ, were elected as new board members. Karl-Ander Reismann was elected as the new chairman of the board.

The remaining members of the previous board – Vaiko Eplik, Kadri Sundja, Juko-Mart Kõlar and Kirke Karja – did not apply for board this year.

EAÜ new board: from left Virgo Sillamaa, Evert Sundja, Kristjan Randalu, Karl-Ander Reismann, Sandra Perens, Jaan Jaago, Sten Šeripov.

“The board, which has just finished its three-year term, is happy that many of the set goals were achieved and EAÜ has taken great steps forward to be a modern and transparent representative organization of authors from the point of view of members, cooperation partners and customers,” said Karl-Ander Reismann, who was elected for a second term.”We are happy to say that in the new board, Estonia’s diverse cultural life is well represented in the form of different people, and we look forward to the coming years, where we can dedicate ourselves to this work and create even greater value for Estonian authors and the cultural field in general,” added Kristjan Randalu.

In addition, the general meeting adopted a decision that the board can serve a maximum of two terms. This is primarily so that there are always new members and fresh and innovative ideas in the board.
Imre Sooäär (chairman of the committee), Margo Kõlar and Tajo Kadajas will continue in the revision committee.

Thank you Vaiko Eplik, Kadri Sundja, Juko-Mart Kõlar and Kirke Karja, who contributed to the work and development of the EAÜ board in the previous three years.

Many thanks to all EAÜ members who participated in the general meeting.