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Catering and accommodation establishments

Licence fee rates for catering establishments (restaurants, bars, cafés, etc.) 

The catering company’s license fee rate depends on the number of seats for visitors, whether only background music is played, whether music is also played by a DJ, and whether the use of music ends before or after midnight in this case. Also, the amount of the fee depends on whether the music is performed live.

For a live performance (a band or an artist) in a catering or accommodation establishment, a repertoire report shall be submitted in addition to the financial report, which can be found at the following website http://rep.eau.org.

Number of seatsBackground musicBackground music and DJ 1-2 days per week + extra DJ per week or one event per monthLive music
Before midnightAfter midnightBefore midnightAfter midnight
1-2019 € / month38 € / month72 € / month10 € / month14 € / month20 €
21-5024 € / month48 € / month130 € / month13 € / month27 € / month22 €
51-10043 € / month86 € / month184 € / month22 € / month36 € / month25 €
101-15055 € / month110 € / month231 € / month28 € / month45 € / month28 €
151-20083 € / month166 € / month294 € / month42 € / month53 € / month33 €
201-300108 € / month216 € / month389 € / month55 € / month71 € / month36 €
301-400129 € / month258 € / month427 € / month65 € / month75 € / month40 €
each subsequent 100+ 21 € / month+ 42 € / month+ 49 € / month+ 11 € / month+ 8 € / month+ 5 €
over 1000277 € / month554 € / month770€ / month139 € / month115 € / month70 €

Background music (or mechanical music in the sense of previous agreements) – music, the performance of which does not involve the performer(s) of the music at the location of the company specified in the agreement, but which is performed only through any technical means or process (radio, television, internet, etc.).

Live music – music that has been sung, played or performed in another way directly, i.e. in a live performance or with the accompaniment of a phonogram (for example, karaoke).

Variety or revue program – license fee is 16.50 € per day, regardless of whether the accompanying music of the variety or revue program was performed live or in a technically mediated performance. In the event that, in addition to the variety or revue program, background music or live music is performed at the location of the company specified in the contract, the Licensee shall pay, in addition to the license fee for the variety or revue program, a license fee in the amount specified in the table of music fees presented in the catering company.

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The licence fee of an accommodation establishment depends on the following:

  • for music played in public areas (lobby, corridor), the licence fee is based on the size of the accommodation establishment, i.e. the number of rooms;
  • if the accommodation establishment also offers the possibility of listening to music in rooms (via radio and TV programmes or other technical facilities), the licence fee for music played in the rooms will be calculated according to the number of rooms in which these technical facilities are installed;
  • the licence fee claimed for music played in catering establishments (restaurants, bars, cafés) within the accommodation establishment will depend on the number of catering establishments and will be subject to the licence fee rates of catering establishments.

In the payment of royalties for the right to use music, hotels and other places of accommodation are divided between two regions: region I includes accommodation establishments in Harju County, Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu, and Haapsalu; region II includes accommodation establishments not located in region I.

The fee charged for music played in the rooms depends on the number of rooms in which music is offered via a technical device (radio, TV, etc.) or process.

Number of rooms Region I Region II
1–1501,00 € per room per month 0,80 € per room per month
151–200179 € / per month143 € / per month
for each additional 50 rooms + 27 € / per month+ 22 € / per month

The royalties for music played in the public areas of a hotel or other accommodation establishments (lobby, corridor) depend on the size of the hotel, i.e. the number of rooms.

Number of rooms Region I Region I
1–5014 € / per month11 € / per month
51–10021 € / per month17 € / per month
101–20033 € / per month26 € / per month
201 or more44 € / per month35 € / per month

NB! The licence fee rates shown here do not include the amount of VAT to be added by the EAÜ under the Value-Added Tax Act, which is calculated on the EAÜ’s commission and shown as a separate line on the invoice submitted by the EAÜ.

The royalty rates are valid until 31 December 2024.

Sample catering and accommodation agreement

Contact persons for the EAÜ public performance licensing department

Reili Järvalt

Public performance licensing department manager, public performance of musical works (region: Tallinn), licensing


Tõnu Kaumann

Public performance of musical works (region: Tallinn)


Mart Jööts

Public performance of musical works; restaurants, pubs, clubs (outside of Tallinn), licensing