For a live performance (a band or an artist) at a disco, a repertoire report shall be in addition to the financial report, which can be found at the following website here

The licence fee for the public performance of musical works at a disco or dance night is 3.5% of the event’s admission fee (excluding VAT), but not less than 10 €  per event day. 

For a children’s event, the licence fee is 2.5% of the admission fee (excluding VAT). 

If entrance is free of charge, the licence fee is 10 € per event day.

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Sample agreement for a disco

Contact persons for the EAÜ public performance licensing department

Siim Jõgioja

Public performance of musical works; live performance, concerts (region: Tallinn), licensing

Reili Järvalt

Public performance licensing department manager, public performance of musical works (region: Tallinn), licensing