Film events

A financial report shall be submitted after the event.

When organising a film event, permission shall be obtained from the EAÜ to publicly play the music used in the film.

The amount of the licence fee depends on whether admission to the event organised is for a fee or free of charge.

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For a film event with paid admission: 1.0% of the income from the sale of tickets (entrance fee) for the event, but not less than 3 € per event day.

For a film event with free admission:3 € per event day

NB! The licence fee rates shown here do not include the amount of VAT to be added by the EAÜ under the Value-Added Tax Act, which is calculated on the EAÜ’s commission and shown as a separate line on the invoice submitted by the EAÜ.

Sample agreement for a film screening event

Contact persons for the EAÜ public performance licensing department

Siim Jõgioja

Public performance of musical works; live performance, concerts (region: Tallinn), licensing


Mart Jööts

Public performance of musical works; restaurants, pubs, clubs (outside of Tallinn), licensing