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Museums and exhibitions

A financial report shall be submitted after the event.

The licence fee for the use of musical works in art and other exhibitions and museums depends on the size of the exhibition space and whether the musical works are also played outside the exhibition or museum premises.

If the licensee wishes to associate a recorded musical work with a specific exposition or wishes to make the exposition together with the musical work available to the public online, he or she will need to enter into a separate agreement and contact Marek Tihhonov (marek@eau.org, 668 43 75) from the recording and digital use department of the EAÜ.

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The amount of the licence fee depends on the following

1. Size of the exhibition space

Area of the exhibition space (m²) Monthly fee
1-1006 €
101-3009 €
301-60012 €
for each additional 300 m², the fee is increased by 3 € per month

2. Playing music outside a museum or exhibition space

  • If the music is not only played inside the museum or exhibition hall but also outside, an additional monthly fee of 5 € shall be payable in addition to the rates mentioned in the previous clause.
  • If the music is performed only outside the museum or exhibition space, the licence fee is 5 € per month.

NB! The licence fee rates shown here do not include the amount of VAT to be added by the EAÜ under the Value-Added Tax Act. The VAT, which is added to the licence fee, is calculated on the basis of the EAÜ’s commission and is shown as a separate line on the invoice sent to the EAÜ’s licensee.

Sample agreement for museums and exhibitions

Contact persons for the EAÜ public performance licensing department

Siim Jõgioja

Public performance of musical works; live performance, concerts (region: Tallinn), licensing


Mart Jööts

Public performance of musical works; restaurants, pubs, clubs (outside of Tallinn), licensing

Marek Tihhonov

Distribution and Documentation department, Online use and recording of musical works